“My project is mine alone, I took the risk, therefor all the reward is mine, I made it happen, credit all goes to me”


I totally disagree with this statement! I hear it from many successful people and know for sure that they MUST have had help, assistance, given a break or an opportunity along the way. I don’t care how good you are — it takes a village to achieve success.

I proudly want to introduce my village…Team Shira.

Team ShiraEvery team member is a valuable part of the Shira’s series project and without each one of the team members, the series would not have been what it is.

Team Shira is comprised of a number of people that are dedicated visionaries who work hard to make Shira’s series a success.

I may have had the initial idea, but the team makes the idea be!

On Main Street of Shira’s series village you will find:

Erin Taylor – the one who brings Shira and her stories to life. A talented illustrator that works hard to interpret what is in my head into pages of a book. She is also the one who delivers the books to Amazon and B&N.

Sara Measroch, a dear co worker who proofs my Israeli English and make the story grammatically correct.

Becky Schastey, a webmaster who let’s the world know that Shira exist. She uses her technical talents to promote and get the word out via the internet and social media.

Yvonne Jones, an animator for LoewenHerz-Creative who makes Shira a multidimensional character. She is dedicated and talented and up for any challenge.

RuthE Levi, OY TOYS book store owner who took upon herself the “cause” of Shira’s series and sells the books in every conference, festival, bazaar she attends as well as from her store. She is also a huge cheerleader!

My family and co-workers – my support team who encourages me, bounce ideas with, celebrate milestones with, and get me through self doubt and discouragement that are part of the process.

My husband, especially, gives me great advice and reminds me often that Shira’s Series is already a success just by being out there, and to measure it’s success by the joy of the process and the impact on others.

To all the members of my team, I would like to offer a BIG thank you for all you do and to give you the credit you so deserve.

This is a team effort and nobody can convince me otherwise!