Sure, it’s hard to be a self-published author.

Here is why: I learn as I go, no big publishing house behind me, to guide and promote my books. Lots of expenses…. I often say:”Shira is a liability!” The journey is unknown and sometimes discouraging.

In other words, no telling when the series will get the “tipping point” of recognition it deserves.

Remembering why I started this journey helps a lot… I must say that most of the time I enjoy the process and excited to welcome whatever this series will bring. There is a sense of mission, duty and calling.

All the young children and families that will learn, enjoy and be inspired by Shira are the reason for this journey. A vulnerable place to be- but it is the only place to be— the stories must be told.

So, if I build it, will they come?” If I emulate Nachshon, like in the MIDRASH and go in the water nostril-deep, will the water part? Only time will tell!


Serious consideration was given to the next generation of Jews who will carry Shira, her stories and teachings with them.

Every child deserves a hero- May Shira be that Heroine to every Jewish child!

Recognizing that Shira can and will be a learning\teaching tool for families and teachers is paramount – it is the reason for her being.

In the pursuit of educating and inspiring young Jewish children, I predict many ups and downs—  Bring it on! I am sticking with Shira and her message!

Every Jewish child counts!

So I pray that this journey with Shira will be mostly up, that her voice will be meaningful and popular and may she will change lives for the better!    Amen!!!