NewCAJEWhat is the purpose of your {professional} life?

The short answer is: to add value every day!

How to do it is a bit more complicated.

As a Hebrew teacher at a private Reform Jewish day school I add value by continually learning, expending and preparing lesson plans that exceed expectations, lessons that I will be proud to showcase as an example of excellence and originality to anyone!

I treat my students as my own children and teach them as the guarantors of the next generation of Jews.

At this point in my teaching journey, I am ready to share some of these methods and ideas to add value. What better way to do it then at the biggest Jewish educator’s conference: NewCAJE!

This coming August 2nd – 5th I will be attending and presenting a class for early childhood educators that will include inspiration, ideas and tried and true tools to use in any Jewish classrooms. I hope to add value by offering ways to infuse Hebrew, Israel and Judaic into your early childhood classroom.

Shira’s series will add value at the conference too!

My Jewish holiday’s book series is about at the mid-point of publishing, I have 5 Shira’s series books published, and 6 more are planned. NewCAJE will be an excellent opportunity to reveal a new teacher kit prototype that will serve as a tool for Jewish educators to instruct each of the Jewish holidays hand in hand with Shira!

I will seek input on what else would you, Jewish educators, like to see in such kit? How can it be most helpful? What should be in it to add value?

There is plenty of time before August 2nd …….What else would you like to hear/ discuss?

Would love to have your suggestions and input!

I hope to meet you there and add value to your {professional} life!


University of Hartford
West Hartford, CT
August 2-5, 2015