Jewish Grandparents,

Jewish ChainPicture a long link chain, look to your left and find the first link- that link represents the first Jew– Abraham. The next link is Isaac and then Jacob with their families. Now, fast forward thousands of years and many, many links and set your eyes on the last links in the Jewish chain all the way on your right.

Observe your link, third from the last link on the chain; is it Jewish strong? Is it hefty? Is it sturdy? is it inspiring?

Examine the next link which represents your children; is this link Jewish substantial? Is it knowledgeable? Is it self-aware?  Is it promising?

Now gaze on the last link in the chain, this one represents your grandchildren; is this link Jewish shiny? Is it proud? Is it enthusiastic? Is it purposeful?

If your answer is “yes” to all these questions , congratulations! you may consider yourself a Jew.

Just like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you too, carried the religious traditions from generation to generation. The chain is strong and the links are thriving. Jewish continuity was achieved!

Mazal tov to you and your “links”!


Jewish Parents,

TentThe first Jewish home was Abraham and Sara’s tent. The MIDRASH says that every morning they would roll up all four walls so visitors could come in from every direction, making their home an “open house” , implementing the Jewish values of hospitality and welcoming guests. They conducted their home as an active Jewish hub.

Homes are where Jewish DOING happens.

Parents are the facilitators of this doing.

Is your home open to Jewish doing like Abraham and Sara’s tent was?

Is your home a busy Jewish hub?

Affirmative!? Super!

May your home will always be a center of Jewish activity, Amen!


Jewish Teachers,

Jewish ShofarPatience, wisdom, courage, seeking peace are some of Abraham’s characteristics. In his “biblical” classroom, we see evidence of  these in his life journey; patience waiting for the birth of his son, wisdom when asked to sacrifices him,  courage when asked to leave his home and move to an unknown place, seeking peace by giving his nephew, Lot, a more lush field for his sheep and keeping the other property.

Developing and inspiring Jewish characteristics and values in the next generations is what Jewish teachers are charged to do….

Is your classroom reflect Abraham’s characteristics and values?

Is your classroom a Jewish inspiration to your students?

If so, you are fulfilling your professional mission! High five!