Archaic, nostalgic or forward-looking?

It was a privilege attending AJL conference in Washington DC this past week. Last minute invitation for a road trip from one of my biggest fans- Mrs. RuthE Levy, owner of Oy Toys- she believes in and promotes my Shira’s series with gusto. I accepted the invitation as an adventure… And what an adventure it was; twelve hours on the highways- each way, lodging with RuthE’s family in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, eating vegan foods and visiting the DC sights- just to name a few! At the Sheraton conference hotel, I was welcomed with curious eyes Read More

NewCAJE – Here I Come

What is the purpose of your {professional} life? The short answer is: to add value every day! How to do it is a bit more complicated. As a Hebrew teacher at a private Reform Jewish day school I add value by continually learning, expending and preparing lesson plans that exceed expectations, lessons that I will be proud to showcase as an example of excellence and originality to anyone! I treat my students as my own children and teach them as the guarantors of the next generation of Jews. At this point in my teaching journey, I am ready to share Read More


Here is something to learn about other traditions of Passover you may never heard about:                         The Mimoona is a Sephardic-Moroccan Jewish event that got its name from the great Rabbi Maymon and takes place during the evening of the last day of Pesach. The Mimoona celebrates the end of Pesach, purity, newness and prosperity, which corresponds with the spring that is coming upon us at this time of year.  We use symbols of purity with assorted white foods that are displayed on the table, newness with green and prosperity with all the colorful sweets. The blessing of “ Tirbachu Read More

The Real Children Behind the Shira Stories

Shira’s series was inspired by my students throughout the years…. Shabbat in the playroom, for example, was the story of three girls in my kindergarten class, several years ago, who adored our class’ Shabbat weekly ceremony, the Shabbat IMMA אמא and ABBA אבא, sitting in a circle around our class carpet, singing Shabbat songs, reciting the blessings, drinking grape juice and eating challah. One Monday morning, one of the girl’s mother stopped me at carpool time and told me that the three girls had a play date that past weekend, took turns being “MORAH Galia” מורה גליה, conducted a Shabbat Read More

Team Shira

“My project is mine alone, I took the risk, therefor all the reward is mine, I made it happen, credit all goes to me” NO! NO! NO! I totally disagree with this statement! I hear it from many successful people and know for sure that they MUST have had help, assistance, given a break or an opportunity along the way. I don’t care how good you are — it takes a village to achieve success. I proudly want to introduce my village…Team Shira. Every team member is a valuable part of the Shira’s series project and without each one of Read More

Have You Met Shira?

Yes, we have! LoewenHerz-Creative, an independent producer of Book Trailers, and its founder Yvonne Jones were introduced to Shira when author Galia Sabbag approached them in order to have a trailer made for her children’s book series. And what an adorable book series it is! Not only was the team completely taken by the series’ absolutely wonderful illustrations, but they were also intrigued by its main purpose: to teach children about Jewish traditions and customs. With the use of beautiful stories, sprinkled with Hebrew words, songs and blessings, Galia was able to create a character that will by treasured by Read More

Secrets of a Jewish Day School Teacher

At the end of my first year teaching (many years ago), Ms. M. (z”l), a master Jewish Day School teacher, asked me to come to her house so she can give me all of her teaching treasures as she was retiring that year. It was a visit that felt like a passing of the baton, or the fire from one torch to the other — from one teacher to the next generation of Jewish educators. She gave me so many materials, ideas, strategies and advice, some I still use to this day. It is time to share this knowledge and Read More

Keter Shem Tov —Galia Sabbag 9-17-13

Written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus One morning an adorable little girl with brown hair, inquisitive eyes, and a big, huge smile woke up and climbed out of bed. It was a very exciting day for her because she was going to meet someone very special and important- her mother. “Her mother?” you ask. “But what little girl with brown hair, inquisitive eyes, and a big huge smile doesn’t know her own mother?” The answer is: A special little girl named Shira. When Shira, the imaginary little girl at the center of Galia Sabbag’s, new series of Jewish children’s books, meets Read More

Shira’s Series Acrostic

Sure, it’s hard to be a self-published author. Here is why: I learn as I go, no big publishing house behind me, to guide and promote my books. Lots of expenses…. I often say:”Shira is a liability!” The journey is unknown and sometimes discouraging. In other words, no telling when the series will get the “tipping point” of recognition it deserves. Remembering why I started this journey helps a lot… I must say that most of the time I enjoy the process and excited to welcome whatever this series will bring. There is a sense of mission, duty and calling. Read More

For Jewish grandparents, parents and teachers!

Jewish Grandparents, Picture a long link chain, look to your left and find the first link- that link represents the first Jew– Abraham. The next link is Isaac and then Jacob with their families. Now, fast forward thousands of years and many, many links and set your eyes on the last links in the Jewish chain all the way on your right. Observe your link, third from the last link on the chain; is it Jewish strong? Is it hefty? Is it sturdy? is it inspiring? Examine the next link which represents your children; is this link Jewish substantial? Is Read More