Yes, we have! LoewenHerz-Creative, an independent producer of Book Trailers, and its founder Yvonne Jones were introduced to Shira when author Galia Sabbag approached them in order to have a trailer made for her children’s book series.

And what an adorable book series it is! Not only was the team completely taken by the series’ absolutely wonderful illustrations, but they were also intrigued by its main purpose: to teach children about Jewish traditions and customs. With the use of beautiful stories, sprinkled with Hebrew words, songs and blessings, Galia was able to create a character that will by treasured by its readers.

Shira and her stories embody one of the most adorable and effective ways to instill and spread interest in Jewish traditions and to preserve Jewish heritage. Each book of the series is dedicated to an important Jewish holiday or custom, and represents a perfect medium to advance a child’s Jewish knowledge so these traditions can be implemented in their own lives.

Shira has become an unforgettable character that has come to life. The reader, just like LoewenHerz-Creative’s team, will continue humming and reciting its adorable tunes long after Shira’s stories have been read.


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Yvonne Jones