Meet Shira

Shira’s Series: Jewish Books for Children

סדרת ספרי שירה—ספרי ילדים לחגים

Shira has come to life by author Galia Sabbag through her following beliefs:

  • I believe that children enjoy and seek Jewish rituals.
  • I believe that children are highly spiritual beings.
  • I believe that Shira and her stories will bring children to love being Jewish.
  • I believe that Jewish day schools and sleep-away summer camps are the most affective tools to preserve and innovate the Jewish heritage for generations to come.
  • I believe that stories are one of the best ways to teach and inspire.
  • I believe that being creative with Jewish rituals is a super positive practice.
  • I believe that you may consider yourself a Jew if your grandchildren are Jewish.
  • I believe that Shira was created to teach and inspire Jewish children and their families.
  • I believe that Jewish is a verb…

Meet Shira’s Author

Galia Sabbag was born in Israel and grew up in Tel Aviv. After her service in the IDF, she settled in Atlanta, Georgia and became a Hebrew teacher at The Davis Academy.

During her many years of teaching, she came across countless examples of children growing in knowledge and spirituality. The stories of many students are superimposed into one  character – “Shira” , and with a creative spin, have become Shira’s Series. As a Hebrew teacher, Galia used every opportunity to add Hebrew words, songs and blessings for the readers to learn and enjoy.

Galia’s hope is that many children will be inspired by the stories, will grow in Jewish knowledge and implement it in their own lives.

Galia lives in Johns creek, Georgia with her husband, Jean, and daughter, Danielle.

Erin photo

Meet Shira’s Illustrator

Erin Taylor creates books for children out of a love of adventure and imagination. Her work is inspired by the fantasy worlds that exist in every child’s mind. She has been published several times internationally, with books in the USA, Korea, Greece and elsewhere. She enjoys working with her husband Adam Taylor, who is also an illustrator. Find more about Erin at!